Hello friends and welcome to this week’s Sunday Stories. I hope you’ve all had a great week. Wales has been a bit wet and work has been busy but we’ve also managed to nail homemade chai lattes. Swings and roundabouts, no? Let’s get right into what I’ve been up to over the last 7 seven days.


This week I have been reading, and loving, Circe by Madeline Miller. I borrowed this off my mum and managed to drop it in the bath. Whole. This has never happened to me before. To make it worse, it happened directly after bragging to my boyfriend about how I have a ‘system’ for when I read in the bath to prevent the said event. So that’s karma for you. But anyway, the story is beautifully written and magical. (The book is fine, just a bit curly now.) I haven’t finished yet but I already know it’s going to be a favourite.

Some links to things I’ve been reading online:


This week I have mainly been watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on Netflix. In this show, Anthony Bourdain travels to lesser-known places and explores the food and culture. I like it because it’s about food but also human interaction. It’s more about travelling, meeting people, learning new things and having a really good meal too.


I have SO MANY podcasts to catch up. Normally (real-world normal, not COVID world normal) I listen to them on my commute. This has now changed to on my daily walks but this week’s dismal weather has cut my walks right down. So I’ve listened to my weekly dose of The High Low and that’s pretty much it. Perhaps I will listen to some more this afternoon.

One thing I did want to share is this Cheerful Instrumental playlist on Spotify. I listen to a lot when I’m working and need to concentrate. It’s great for when you get sick of the usual instrumental playlists!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Stories. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments. See you soon!


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    I’ve always wanted to read Circe but have never gotten around to it so it’s encouraging to hear that you’re enjoying it! Might have to bump it up a space on my TBR haha

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      I really recommend it, the writing is so beautiful and it’s a great story x

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    Evie Jayne says:

    Omg I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that you dropped your book in the bath, that’s my worst nightmare 😂😭 so glad to hear you’re enjoying Circe though, I can’t wait to finally read it soon! I started watching Parts Unknown too and I’m really enjoying it! Love the High Low podcast, I’m trying to squeeze in my other listens whenever I’m busy around the house! x

    Evie x | http://www.eviejayne.co.uk

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      I know, I felt exactly the same – I was horrified! I had my hair drier on it for a while after haha… I definitely recommend it though. Great to met another High Low fan! x

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