Hello friends, what a week it’s been. In the world, on social media, in our own heads. This week’s Sunday Stories is reflective of the work I have been doing yet this is not intended as a pat on the back.

This tiny pocket of the internet that I have is a platform for talking about books and it’s through them that over the course of my life I have learned about different lived experiences. I have recognised that I have much work to do and I want to use this space to actively champion BAME authors. This is a step forward in my personal journey and I hope that you’re coming along too.


This week I read The Vegetarian by Han Kang, which I wrote a little bit about in an Instagram post. It’s a short book but the writing was so hypnotic that I savored it. It’s the sort of book that I think I’ll struggle to get my thoughts into words about, but I want to try and get a review up about it soon. I also started The Nakano Thrift Shop by Hiromi Kawakami which I am enjoying for its subtle humour and gentleness.

Aside from books I have been spending time reading information in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement. I wanted to share some resources that I have found enlightening and helpful, which I urge you to look at too.


This week I finished watching Hollywood on Netflix. I wanted to love it, I loved the premise, but I was left confused. I’m no TV critic but this article on Vulture sums it up for me!

Keeping up with my normal watching habits, I’ve also been watching re-runs of Louis Theroux. God he’s good.  


I saw the Conversations with Nova Reid podcast recommended on a blog last week and I’ve been listening to it on my lunchtime walks. It’s the first time I’ve come across Nova and I think she’s utterly brilliant. Warm, inviting yet to the point, these conversations left me feeling unsettled (as they should) and inspired.

I’ve actually discovered this morning the Our Shared Podcast playlist that Emma Watson has curated on Spotify. It contains podcasts from various sources that talk about race and I will be delving into it today.

Thank you for reading my Sunday Stories this week.

Speak soon x

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    Ooh I loved The Vegetarian! I hadn’t heard of the ‘Our Shared Podcast’ playlist but I’m definitely going to give it a listen now. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday x

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