Another week of lockdown life over and time for Sunday Stories again. This week it was announced that here in Wales we have another three weeks of lockdown ahead of us. It’s necessary but sometimes it does feel like this is going on for eternity. But there’s lots to be thankful for; the sun has been shining this weekend and we have plenty of reading to be getting on with. Here’s somethings that have made me happy over the last seven days.


This week I finished Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan and City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. I also started Swan Song by Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott. I will be writing reviews for these soon so won’t share too much here, but I loved the first two. When I finished City of Girls I didn’t want to leave the world of glitz and glamour, which is why I reached for Swan Song.

I also really enjoyed a short story in The Cardiff Review called A Conversation About Freedom by Jessica Widner. It’s about a conversation between a man and a woman three years after last seeing one another. I thought it was beautifully written and that it was very prescient, as they discuss loneliness and freedom, whilst in a stifling atmosphere. The Cardiff Review is free to sign up to and has so many great writers featured, so check it out.


Like I said last week, TV isn’t my strong point so I’ll never be keeping on top of new series. Luckily, during the lockdown there has been a serious spike in companies/influencers/every person and their dog doing live videos. One I had sent to me was Dolly Aldteron’s live stream as part of the At Home with Penguin series. (I shall try not to be a broken record and talk about Dolly/The High Low every week, but I do love her and true love lasts a lifetime.) The series will be visiting different authors in their homes who will be talking how they’re coping with lockdown and what books they’re enjoying, plus doing a Q&A. Dolly always comes across warm and friendly, plus I love that she was interrupted by the neighbor and the connection was lost. No gloss or frills, just a nice, cozy chat.


Straight off the back of reading Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan I had a little look for some interviews. Whenever I like a book I feel like I need to know as much about the author as possible. I came across this one on the ‘Book Off!’ podcast which I hadn’t listened to before. On it Naoise Dolan and Paul Mendez are interviewed about their debut novels plus being published during these strange times. I wasn’t familiar with Paul Mendez but after this I am keen to check out his upcoming novel Rainbow Milk. I enjoyed the conversation between them, comparing their writing experiences and backgrounds. At the end of the podcast each author has 3 minutes to pitch a book that they think you should read, which is a fun concept. A great way to hear about new books (like we need an excuse).

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Stories, let me know if you check out any of the things I’ve talked about. Also, let me know what you’ve been enjoying this week!


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    Sounds like you had a nice week! I finished an ARC this week and caught up on some TV shows!

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      Sounds good, any TV shows you’d recommend?

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        Blindspot just started its final season and it’s very captivating!

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