You guys, how is it Sunday already? I felt like this week (/month/year) is flying past in the blink of an eye. This week, like most of the UK, I have mainly been trying to avoid melting in this heatwave. This weekend was then spent dodging the rain. Oh, the joys of British weather! Today’s post is not my usual morning one but luckily my penchant for drinking tea and sitting in bed is not restricted by the time of day – so let’s settle in for this week’s Sunday Stories, shall we?

Currently Reading

I started a new book this morning! This feels exciting because I really felt sluggish this week with my reading (let’s blame the heat). Anyway, I’ve just started Supper Club by Lara Williams. I bought it last week from Storysmith and it has the most beautiful cover! I love the premise too, of women reclaiming their hunger for food and life.

Also, still working my way through War and Peace. Plodding through slowly but surely.


Last night I listened to the final podcast episode of the Binge Mode Harry Potter series. I have been listening to this series, no joke, for about a year. Maybe even longer. It’s in my recommended list of podcasts and the length of time I took to listen isn’t a reflection on my enjoyment. I mean, there’s a gazillion episodes to get through but also, they were so rich in detail, I never wanted to rush them. The last episode was incredibly emotional and really reminded me of the power of stories to unite us all.

Suggested Reading

I spend a lot of my time reading lists of recommended books. I then add lots of those books to my list to buy. Or then I recommend them to you.  (I make lists about those too. There are a lot of lists in my life.) One that I came across this week is the Guardian’s 50 brilliant books to transport you this summer. Loads of choice and for the summer that for most of us will be spent at home, a book is the perfect escape.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Stories. I missed writing a review this week, I hope you don’t mind, but I do have lots planned (see above re: lists).

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments, or what you’re reading!

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