You guys, this week has been busy. I’ve had lots going on with work and life, but had a lovely overnight trip to my parents. That’s meant I’ve taken a bit of a break from social media – it’s crazy what even a day away from your phone can do! I have managed to squeeze in some bits and pieces that I want to share with you in this week’s Sunday Stories. Later I’m going to see some friends, which I am super excited about! I hope you all have great Sundays planned too.

Currently Reading

This morning I finished The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood. It’s billed on the front as a modern answer for Margaret Atwood and there are similar themes to The Handmaids Tale. It’s about two women who wake from a drugged state to find themselves held captive in the middle of nowhere. They realise they are part of a group of women, and the thing that links them all is a sexual scandal in the past. It’s an interesting concept, it didn’t capture me in the same way as Atwood’s writing but still worth giving a go.


I love Nora Ephron’s writing, in books and films. My boyfriend shakes his head in bewilderment over the fact that I want to watch You’ve Got Mail again, for the 1000th time this year. One night this week I settled with a pizza and a beer to watch Everything is Copy, which is a documentary about Ephron’s life, so I was in my element. The show is put together by Ephron’s son who interviews friends and family and it’s so interesting hearing about this smart, razor-sharp woman who just went for what she wanted. I strongly recommend this for any Nora fans and challenge you not to want to read and watch all her stuff immediately. (I watched Sleepless In Seattle the next night.) 


So following from that, I then did a deep delve into lots of articles about Nora Ephron. I particularly enjoyed a piece written by Lena Dunham in 2012 for The New Yorker called Seeing Nora Everywhere. Lena is in the documentary and her article is about her transformation from a fan to a friend in the last years of Ephron’s life. It’s a great piece of writing that shows the impact that a person can have on your life in a short time. 

Apart from that, I’ve caught up on lots of podcasts that I had saved in the bank and started a buddy read for (gulp) War and Peace! So that will keep me out of trouble for a while… I’m also debating what book to start next, The Beekeeper of Aleppo or The Parisian. Let me know what you think if you’ve read either?!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Stories – I have lots of books and other things I want to share with you soon, so I will be furiously writing more posts this week!

Speak soon friends.

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