Here we are again, another week has flown by. I feel like it’s been quite a busy week and it definitely feels, rightly or wrongly, that things in Wales are starting to change back to some sort of normality. I went to a charity bookshop for the first time and accidentally bought two books – it was great! And this weekend I celebrated officially finishing my first year of uni with some fizz and going to the beach today. Now I’m home with a cup of tea, ready to share my Sunday Stories with you.

Currently Reading

One week, I won’t be like a broken record I’m sure, but, sadly, that week is not upon us yet. At the moment I am reading Pandora Sykes’ essay collection How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right? It arrived a couple of days after I watched the talk with her, and I am now a good few chapters in. So far, I am thoroughly enjoying Pandora’s musings and dissections of the wellness industry, fast fashion and the idea of women splintering their identities. I am also in awe of the amount of reading and research that must have gone into it!


I like to have a go-to TV show that’s a fairly easy watch (read: short) and not too serious to chuck on. At the moment, this slot is being taken up by Derry Girls which I love. I watched the first series over one hungover weekend with one of my friends (always happens when she stays) and I love the mix of silly humour, cleverness and poignant commentary on the troubles in Northern Ireland. It’s so well written and I think the cast is great. Really recommend it if you’ve not seen it.


Not sure if you’ve heard but TAYLOR SWIFT HAS A NEW ALBUM OUT. I for one love Folklore, I am all for gentle music (chill/relaxation music is on my Spotify heavy rotation) so this is definitely my jam. Might go listen to it again actually. Immediately.

Other Reading

Bernardine Evaristo has guest-edited this week’s edition of The Sunday Times Style supplement and if you can still go get your hands on it, or read online, I urge you to do so. In her words, the aim of this issue is to “put Black women in the spotlight and also to make it queer-inclusive”. It’s jam-packed full of interesting features, including an essay by Bernardine herself, plus fashion, culture and other pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Stories and that you have had a lovely weekend. Speak to you soon!

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