Hello and happy Sunday everyone. Sitting down to write my Sunday Stories post each week has become a welcome routine. I try to write a daily physical journal (because I’m old school) but this weekly ritual of looking at what I’ve been up to is a lovely way of focusing on the good things! Here are some of the things I’ve been loving this week:

Currently Reading

I’ve heard so much about how people are struggling to read at the moment and at first, I thought I was immune to it as I steadily ploughed through books. This month I’ve slowed down a bit, so I chose White Girls by Hilton Als as my next read. It’s an essay collection which I find perfect for dipping in and out of. So far it’s very smart, sharp and I’m loving it.


This week I’ve enjoyed listening to Sentimental Garbage which is a podcast that does a deep dive on chick-lit classics. I don’t normally read many books that fall into that category, however, I hate any weird snobbery around books and when people dismiss them. It’s so lazy. I listened to the episodes about The Devil Wears Prada and Eat, Pray, Love both of which I’ve read, and I loved them! It goes into the detail of the books, what people do or don’t like about them and why they’re overlooked.


One of the silver linings of lockdown life is the amount of amazing content available online. As I mentioned last week (will a week go by where I don’t mention Dolly or Pandora?), Pandora Sykes’ book is out this week so I nabbed tickets to her online event ‘How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right?’. I loved the conversation between Pandora and journalist Hadley Freeman where they touched on the topics covered in the book including motherhood, empathy and the wellness industry. My copy should be arriving any day now which I can’t wait for!

Other Reading

I love to read authors advice on their approach to writing and their creative process. I find it fascinating, but generally, the advice is similar at the core. Get your bum in a chair and write. No distractions, just write. This week, I particularly enjoyed I write in pockets of stolen time by Roxanne Gay, where she talks about building up your writing muscle for when it needs to be used. The irony is not lost on me that I procrastinate by reading pieces telling me to stop procrastinating. However, this piece is affirming and inspiring for those of us trying to put pen to paper!

(P.S. the amazing illustration here is by Alessandro Cripsta!)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Stories and that you have had a lovely week. I’m off today to see some friends for the first time in months which I couldn’t be more excited for!

Let me know how your week has been or any recommendations you have, I’d love to hear them.

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