Happy Sunday everyone! It’s a gloriously sunny day here and so far, my Sunday has been spent eating doughnuts on Penarth Pier whilst looking out at the water. It’s lovely to feel some sense of normality and see everyone enjoying their fish & chips or what have you. Now I’m back home, sheltering in the shade until we have a couple of drinks on the balcony later. I know times are still strange and hard, but I am grateful for days like today! In my Sunday Stories this week I’m sharing some of the small things I’ve been enjoying this week.


This week I read An American Marriage, which I have quite a few thoughts on which I think I will share soon in a full post to do them justice. This weekend I started a book called The Keeper of Lost Things. It promises to be warm and uplifting which sounded perfect. (Also it was in the 3 for £5 offer in The Works. I went out to buy falafels for lunch and came home with four books. I shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house.)


A new podcast that launched recently is Pandora Sykes’ of The High Low solo podcast called Doing It Right. Sharing the name of her upcoming book (that I’ve pre-ordered) and in which she interviews a different guest every week about their life, job and all the other stuff that makes up modern living. I love Pandora and I’m excited to get my hands on her book soon!


Some would say I’m a nerd, but I like new words. Learning them, looking them up, sometimes just making my own up as I go along. I enjoyed this fun, short read about the women writers who coined some of the words we use today such as ‘frustrating’, ‘spring-clean’ and ‘outsider’. As the article mentions, during these times our vocabulary doesn’t seem to quite cover the feelings we have or the new way we live our lives, so it’s interesting to think what additions that will mean to the dictionary.

This week’s Sunday Stories is kind of short and sweet, but apart from book-related life I’ve been enjoying doing yoga most days, meditating and writing in my journal. Trying to take time for stuff like that to slow down and feel a bit more grounded, which has been a new experience for me.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little post and I hope you’ve had a great week too.

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