I thought I’d change up my Sunday Stories this week a little bit to share the things that I’ve been enjoying this week. I normally get these out in the morning however today has been very productive. My lovely partner cooked us an excellent breakfast, the flat is clean, I’ve done some yoga, and now I find myself sitting down with a cup of tea ready to share some little nuggets of joy from the past week.

Reading: Dear Dolly

As you may be aware, I am a big fan of Dolly Alderton and find her style of writing and advice to be extremely relatable and helpful. So imagine my glees when I heard she was doing an agony aunt column for The Sunday Times.  The first Dear Dolly question was from a woman seeking advice after sleeping with a guy on the first day after lunch (which as Dolly says is “incredibly French” of them). I just adore Dolly’s take on all things love and friendships, so I will be devouring this week in, week out.

Eating: Banana Bread

Now before you roll your eyes, I am aware of the cliché. If you live in the UK, I am sure that either you or someone you know has made banana bread during lockdown. But, let me tell you I have discovered the best recipe. Oh yes, my friends. And it’s from Sophie Dahl’s cookbook Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights which I have owned for many, many years. (Remember her cooking show? Did anyone else love it? I have a love for Sophie Dahl and her whimsical writing, but let’s stay on topic). I have no idea what makes this cake so good as there’s nothing fancy in it but it’s so damn delicious. It’s caramel-y, moisty and just the right amount of sticky. Perfect!

Reading: Cassandra at the Wedding

This week my reading has mainly been this book, Cassandra at the Wedding by Dorothy Baker. I have been reading a couple of other bits and pieces alongside it (some research and other stuff) so it’s taken me a while but I’m so glad I picked it up on a whim. It’s a great piece of 20th century American literature, plus the cover is gorgeous.

Listening: Saturn Returns

This podcast is hosted by Caggie Dunlop and through interviewing a range of guests, she seeks to bring clarity during times of transition. The show is underpinned by the astrological transit known as ‘Saturn Returns’ but even if you’re not into that stuff, it’s worth a listen. Caggie has some great guests and interesting conversations about learning about your true self, becoming more authentic and the challenges that arise. Her first show is with Elizabeth Day (from How to Fail) so if you already like Elizabeth’s podcast this is a great place to start.

I hope you enjoyed this version of my Sunday Stories. I have a long weekend as I have tomorrow booked off (first time off since lockdown!) so I am very grateful for that.

Speak to you soon!


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    That’s the second time in two days that someone has mentioned Cassandra at the Wedding to me. Clearly the stars are saying that I should get hold of a copy.

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      It’s a definite sign!

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