Review Policy

I am glad (and grateful) to accept books for review consideration on Behind Her Books. I’m more than happy to accept requests from new and established authors and publishers.

Please note the following:

  • Whilst I would love to read and review all books I am sent, Behind Her Books is a passion project and something I do alongside a full-time job. As a result, I can’t guarantee reviews for all books sent to me.
  • All reviews are completely honest and I will never recommend a book that I didn’t enjoy. It just doesn’t sit right with me!
  • I aim to make Behind Her Books a positive space, so if I don’t like a book at all I will not post a review. I’m a firm believer in there being readers for all books, so if I don’t connect with it, that doesn’t mean others won’t.
  • If I receive a free book this will be stated clearly within the blog post.
  • I don’t read e-books, so will only accept physical copies (i.e. hardbacks and paperbacks).
My book preferences

I genuinely love to read a wide variety of books and will give most things a go if they look interesting. My most-read genres are:

  • Literary fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Short stories
  • Long-form essays

I also have a strong interest in reading women writers and non-fiction that covers feminism.

If your genre is not listed, I will still consider your book as I am always looking for new, interesting reads.

Where I talk about books

Primarily, all reviews will be written as a blog post on Behind Her Books. I will also discuss them on my social media channels.

How to contact me

If you would like to get speak to me about a book review or similar, please get in touch using the details on my Contact page. I will endeavour to respond to all requests as quickly as I can.