Sometimes your ‘To Be Read’ list is longer than your arm and you have a perilously high stack of books next to your bed. Then there are other times where you’re not quite sure what to read next. The best-selling list isn’t cutting the mustard and you want something different. Cue, a reading list!

One of the things I wanted to do with this blog was share ways of coming up with new books to read. I personally like to push myself to try different styles and hear diverse voices. I love getting into characters that are completely different to me or hearing from a new perspective. It’s always a great thrill when I read a genre I’m less familiar with and fall in love.

I came up with this reading list that I thought could be reused time and time again to keep inspiring that next read. There’s 26 books and that can mean something different to everyone. For some, it’s a book every 2 weeks but for others it’s 26 ideas to pick and choose from. Reading challenges are fun but whether it’s 20 or 200 books, it’s what you take from them that counts. You won’t find specific titles or word counts here, just prompts that will hopefully inspire you.

I’ll share with you when I use these ideas and I’d love to hear if you use them too. That’s why I kept this reading list unrestricted, because it’s interesting to see where this takes you. We are all attracted to different books and authors, which is one of the reasons I love books. There’s a reader for every book! I also love lists, so I’ll keep sharing these with different themes to suit all needs.

Let me know if you use this and what you’re reading.

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