October was a bit of a strange month for me. Maybe for us all? In October I turned 30 and had a lovely day, yet couldn’t see my friends and family due to Wales being in local and then a national lockdown. Work carried on and uni kicked off too, so it’s been a bit all and very much nothing, all at the same time! I think it reflected in my reading because it took me weeks to read a fairly short book, which isn’t like me at all!

But you’ve just got to roll with it, right? You can’t always be reading 100 pages a day. Or ever, in my case.

I did, however, finally finish watching Anne with an E. I really got into it for series two and three. I was fully in love with Gilbert Blythe (again, definitely my first fictional crush) and ready to follow Anne to Queens, only to discover that the show has now ended and they aren’t making any more series. I am heartbroken. Also considering the old version from eBay.

Anyway – back to the books! 

(Also apologies for the lateness for my October wrap up, the days just got away with me!)

October Wrap Up Reads
The Book of Life 
by Deborah Harkness

The last instalment in the All Souls Trilogy and to be honest I was really sad for it to be over. These are long books and you’ll find plenty of mixed reviews out there, but I loved being in this universe!

The Book of Life brings together the strands of Rebecca and Matthew’s story, their family and the future for their kind. If you’re looking for some escapism, I recommend this.

She Said
by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey

I bought this on my trip to Book-ish and it has been on my list ever since it came out. She Said is the story behind the New York Times article that caused the explosion of the #MeToo movement into the mainstream.

I am planning on writing a full review soon so I won’t divulge too much here, but it’s such an interesting, thorough book and I really think everyone should read it. It’s full of facts that will shock you and some which, sadly, probably won’t.

Heartstopper Volume Two
by Alice Oseman

Told you I’d read the next two soon!

Heartstopper Volume Two picks up from the cliffhanger of the first book, after Nick and Charlie’s first kiss. It follows them as they unpack their feelings for one another, understand their sexuality and grapple with coming out.

Just as glorious as the first. I am obsessed.

Hearstopper volume three
by Alice Oseman

Nick and Charlie, my new favourite characters, are on a school trip in Paris. It only gets better!

Excitement aside, I really think this series does a great job of capturing the ups and downs of being a teenager. If I have children, I would give it to them to read, it covers big, weighty topics in such a clever way.

Will I ever stop talking about this series? Only time will tell! (Check out my full post if it’s piqued your interest!).

Practical Magic
by Alice Hoffman

My last read of October and perfect for Halloween. I have only recently watched the film, which I naturally loved, so I had this book as a birthday gift.

The book is quite different from the film, so for those of you who are unfamiliar, Practical Magic is about Gillian and Sally Owens, sisters who have been brought up by their aunts and who are always outsiders. The Owens have always had a reputation from being strange and whispers of being witchy follow them wherever they go. Both Gillian and Sally want to escape, but eventually, they are brought back together by fate … or magic?!

It’s written in such a gentle soothing way, it feels like an old fashioned story, and I really enjoyed that about it. The film has tightened up the plot but this is well worth a dip into.

What’s On the TBR List

I managed one from last month (I honestly don’t know why I make these suggestions, I am such a mood reader!). 

My aim at the moment is to read things that are already on my shelves, I’m really trying not to buy anymore. I’ve even held off from buying Dolly Alderton’s Ghosts – it’s killing me. Being sensible is honestly no fun, I don’t recommend it at all.

I hope you enjoyed this October wrap up. I’d love to know what you read or are planning to read next.

Leave me a comment and let me know.

Until next time,

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