It’s June 1st so here we are with my May wrap up. I realise most people seem to publish these on the last day of the month but that didn’t sync up with my Sunday Stories post, so here we are my friends. I’m sure you won’t mind. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Books I read:

This month I read 8 books. Wow I only just realised that – 8 is quite a lot for me! Well done Meg, you go girl. Anyway, I’ve read quite a nice little mix (not the band) of books and even managed to sneak in a classic! Here’s my books for my May Wrap Up:

It’s been a really great month as I enjoyed all of these books for different reasons. I particularly loved Rest and Be Thankful and Where the Crawdads Sing though, they were completely transporting.

There are reviews up for Exciting Times, City of Girls, Rest and Be Thankful and Swan Song if you want to check them out! Plus, I’ve got a few more coming very soon too.

Books I bought:

Why didn’t someone warn me that this monthly wrap up business would make me accountable for how much money I’ve spent each month?! (Let’s blame lockdown.)

Here’s what I bought – you’ll notice some overlap with my reads, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

So, the top four I bought for new reads. The Edge Chronicles were a nostalgia induced order* which I got second hand on World of Books and finally the last one was a random £1 purchase when I was doing a little shop for supplies (read: biscuits).

*where you realise you don’t own books from your childhood and therefore need to purchase them immediately. Also known as ‘completely justified’.

Books I want to read next month:

I’m aiming to read some more of my shelves rather than buying anything new. I want to read some non-fiction this month, maybe some Caitlin Moran as I’ve had them sitting there forever! And also the two books I bought this month but haven’t read yet.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my May Wrap Up! Let me know how your month of reading has gone – did you read everything you wanted to read? Is lockdown causing you to buy a disproportionate amount of books? (Please say yes).

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    Evie Jayne says:

    What a fab reading month! I finally plan on getting round to Where the Crawdads Sing this month, so I’m glad to see you enjoyed it! x

    Evie x |

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