Told you I’d be catching up on my posts, didn’t I? Here we are with my March wrap up.

This may sound obvious given the nature of this blog, but I am really enjoying reading at the moment. Sometimes it falls by the wayside when life gets too busy (and that’s fine by the way) however I have found the opposite to be true. As the seemingly never-ending lockdowns continue and life has gotten crazy, I have found reading to be a real solace. I think that’s why I’ve been reaching for some longer reads, or books that I wouldn’t normally read, to really escapee into. Either way, it’s been lovely.

March Wrap Up Reads
Wide Sargasso Sea 
by Jean Rhys

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys is a prequel, if you like, to Jane Eyre that tells the background of Bertha the ‘madwoman’ in the attic. Set in Jamaica after the abolition of slavery, the novel follows the life of Antoinette Cosway from childhood to becoming Mr Rochester’s wife.

I read this after studying Jane Eyre for my uni work as it was referred to in the module and it’s definitely worth a read. It gives interesting context and a different perspective that story so many of us know so well! It’s very dreamlike and lush, I want to read it again because I think I could get even more out of it.

Firefly Lane
by Kristin Hannah

You’ll have probably seen Firefly Lane splashed all over Netflix! (I obviously watched it straight after reading.)

Kate and Tully become friends as teens in the 1970s. Even though they’re different – Kate is invisible in school and has a solid family, whilst Tully is cool, glamorous and independent – together they’re TullyandKate, best friends forever. The story tracks the ebbs and flows of their lives, relationships and friendship over time.

A pure escapist, indulgent read. I tore through it and didn’t want it to end. It would be a good holiday read I think.

The Diary of a Bookseller
by Shaun Bythell

The Diary of a Bookseller is, well, exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a diary of one year of the life of Shaun who owns The Bookshop in Wigtown.

This was a fun and entertaining book that gives you a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of owning and running a second-hand bookshop, from dealing with customers & unruly staff to rummaging through dusty collections in search of stock.

She Would Be King
by Wayétu Moore

She Would Be King follows three people with extraordinary talents. There’s Gbessa, a Vai woman who was born with a curse on her head which means she can never die, Norman Aragon, the child of a coloniser and a Maroon woman who can disappear at will, and June Dey, who was born with supernatural strength. Each of them is an outcast and alone until they find themselves drawn to each other.

This struck the perfect balance in writing a captivating and engrossing story whilst also being historical & factual. I felt like I learned loads reading this! And whilst the story is supernatural and mythical, it’s also extremely human in that it’s about people, identity, and being accepted.

That’s it for my March wrap up. We’re back on track, phew!

What was your favourite book in March? I never pick favourites, it’s too hard (I’m a Libra) but I’d love to know yours!

Speak to you soon,

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