If you know me, you will know that I love Gilmore Girls. I think this is the same for a lot of people in the book world. There are a lot of similar associations, you know, cosy, autumnal vibes. So I thought what better than a Gilmore Girls gift guide for those book-loving people in your life?

Rory for me is one of the ultimate bookish inspirations. She’s well read, always has a book with her and loves school. I discovered Gilmore Girls later on in life, but teenage me would have loved Rory. I still do now, although I don’t think I’ve read anywhere near as much as her!

I’ve shared some of my favourite gift finds below. They’re all from Etsy so you can feel good about supporting local businesses too.

Stars Hollow Gilmore Girls Iced Coffee Glass

Buy now: Etsy

How cute is this Stars Hollow coffee cup? Coffee is a huge part of the Gilmore Girls world and I feel like they’d be on the iced coffee trend like no one’s business. These come with a lid and a straw, so you can take yours to go.

I Smell Snow Christmas Mug

Buy now: Etsy

Sticking to the hot beverage theme, I love this I Smell Snow glass mug. Perfect for the winter season and snuggling up with hot chocolate. Maybe you can do a Lorelai and take it out for the first snowfall of the year.

Luke's Diner Bookmark

Buy now: Etsy

Are you really a book lover if you don’t have a billion bookmarks? This one is a super cute engraved wooden one with tassels. Because come on, we all want to meet at Luke’s. 

Gilmore Girls Ice Cream Holder

Buy now: Etsy

Okay, I had never seen one of these before and now I am obsessed. The Gilmore Girls love their junk food and settling down to watch a film with ice cream. Now you can too with an ice cream holder with a Gilmore Girl pattern. That’s right, an ice cream holder. Who knew? I never needed something more. 

The Dragonfly Inn Wax Melt Snap Bar

Buy now: Etsy

We might not be able to stay at The Dragonfly Inn for real but these wax melt bars will evoke the atmosphere and ambience. This seller does candles too and I think they’d be a perfect gift.

Gilmore Girls House Print

Buy now: Etsy

There are loads of Gilmore Girls prints out there but I really liked this simple black and white one of the girls’ house. It’s really cute and timeless, and I think it would look great framed on a bedside table or on a desk.

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