Green Man 2022


This past weekend I was at Green Man Festival with the rest of the Book-ish team and it was such fun!  Green Man is close to us, set on the Glan Usk estate and surrounded by gorgeous views. We are the resident bookshop and are pitched next to the Talking Shop which hosts a mix of literature talks, panels, comedy and music.

A few of us set up camp and stayed for the whole weekend. I’m not an experienced camper but luckily my friend brought all her things so we had a luxe experience including a private porta-loo (the height of festival luxury!)

Camping aside I had the chance to sit on some inspiring talks, watch amazing performances (Kae Tempest being one of my favourites) and meet lots of wonderful writers and customers. Coming to these events always reminds me that booky people are up there with the best type of people.


Of course, I couldn’t go the whole weekend without buying any books. I picked up On Connection by Kae Tempest, which is about creativity and connection, and Constellations: Reflections From Life by Sinéad Gleeson. Both of these purchases were inspired by performances and talks that I attended.

Kae Tempest in particular was incredibly powerful – I think everyone in the crowd was moved to tears. The three of us who saw it each bought a different book of theirs so we could swap them round!

Until next time Green Man!

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