So here we are, 1st May already and time for my April wrap up post. April has been a strange month for us all. Someone said to me the other day it was the month that never was, which feels pretty accurate. All the things that I had planned of course didn’t happen and I miss my friends and family enormously. There were some positives this month however. Number one being creating this blog! Even though I am still in full-time work (from home), life has obviously been slower and I’ve had time to think about what makes me happy. The simple answer to that is books, reading and all bookish related things. So I finally mustered the courage to start writing and putting my thoughts out there into the world.

Anyway, let’s get into things before we all get emotional over here…

Books I read:

This month I managed to read five books, which is pretty standard for me. Getting more immersed into the book blogging world I am staggered by how many books people get through in a month, but we’re all different right? Here’s what I read:

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite‎

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey

The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

As you can see it’s quite a mix of new and old. I never really stick to just recent books as I like a variety. I enjoyed all of these books and you’ll soon come to learn that I am hopeless at making decisions, so picking my favourite each month will be a serious issue for me. If I absolutely had to pick, I’d go with The Shadow of the Wind as it was so absorbing and rich.

I’ve almost finished Outsiders: Five Women Writers Who Changed the World by Lyndall Gordon which has been fascinating. Can’t wait to review that for you.

Books I bought:

Generally speaking, I don’t buy books online, I much prefer buying them from bookshops and looking for bargains in charity shops. I also feel very conscious about the amount I’m ordering online however I did treat myself to one little order from Waterstones. I bought City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert and Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan, which are both staring at me as we speak. Really excited to read both of these books as they are both highly praised.

Books I want to read next month:

Naturally I want to read the two I’ve just bought, because that’s what we do isn’t it! Buy more and keep adding to that pile. I also want to read another non-fiction; I have a couple on my shelves that have been there a while. I am also going to read a classic next month, probably Dracula. It’s my other half’s favourite so I feel like I should get around to it…

I hope you enjoyed my April wrap up and let me know what you thought of any of these books.


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    Lovely wrap up! I read 12 books in total which was a first for me! 😂

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      Thank you 😊 That’s amazing! I only get through that much on holiday, you’re super speedy.

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    Looks like you had an amazing book with your reads! All these books seem so intriguing. I hope May is just as good for you💖

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      Thank you! I hope so too, my May TBR is growing by the day…

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    I’ve been meaning to read Elizabeth is Missing for so long! Lovely post 🙂

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      Thank you 😊 It’s one of those ones that I kept not choosing, for no real reason. It’s really good, I recommend it x

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