Something I’ve really got into lately is signing up for newsletters. There’s something so glorious about them landing into your inbox, a gleaming light amongst the boring emails from your bank or the junk ones telling you you’ve won $1,000,000!!! (I have blocked these so many times, but damn they are persistent.) Anyway, I thought I’d round up the 6 literary newsletters you have to sign up to, to give you a little taster!

For the sake of full transparency, the images in this post are not mine – all of them were taken directly from the newsletters, so full credit to the creators!

1. Lit Hub Daily

Lit Hub Daily is the work of the famous Literary Hub. As the name suggests, this is a daily newsletter that rounds up “the best of the literary internet” into one neat email. It includes articles on their (vast) site but also other interesting literary-based pieces across the interweb.

2. The Book Satchel Newsletter

I really love it when one of Resh’s newsletters drop into my inbox. The Book Satchel is one of my favourite book blogs and these newsletters are a lovely juicy extra that I really relish. On top of amazing book reviews and musings, you can expect TV recommendations and links to all manner of interesting articles.

3. Reposed Recommends

Reposed are a luxury book subscription company with a focus on creating the perfect night in. Their weekly Reposed Recommends newsletter rounds up bookish inspiration including reading lists and podcasts, then adds beauty recommendations as a little extra!

4. The Publishing Post

The Publishing Post is such an amazing resource, I honestly can’t get over it. Founded by Publishing graduate Chelsea Graham, this magazine (which I think is fortnightly) covers a huge range of bookish content with an aim to provide a voice to publishing hopefuls. It has events, job opportunities, book reviews and also gives people an opportunity to contribute and gain experience.

5. Bad Form Beat

Bad Form is a quarterly magazine that provides a platform for Black, Asian and marginalised writers. Their Bad Form Beats newsletter rounds up things you need to know, such as books to buy, books coming out, and up-and-coming events.

6. The Indie Insider

The Indie Insider is a monthly newsletter that focuses on the independent publishing world. In these little gems, you’ll find book reviews, indie press news, and interviews with indie publishers.

I hope you subscribe to some, if not all, of these newsletters. And please let me know if there’s any that I’m missing and have to add to the list!

Happy reading,

6 Literary Newsletters You Have To Sign Up To

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    I’m familiar with the first two on your list but the others are new names. The Publishing Post sounds particularly interesting.
    By the way, I’m a near neighbour to you. I live close to cardiff airport.

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      Ah I’m so glad there were some new ones in there. Oooh really! I’m very central, but love to hear from a neighbour ☺️

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    Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful information! I really appreciate it.


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