2020, the year we will never forget. I doubt many of us want to look back on it at all but I think for books it’s allowed, right? This blog and the online book community really boosted my reading last year. It gave me plenty of ideas and inspiration. It’s probably also safe to say that I spent the most money on books last year too… But a worthy investment. So, I thought it was only fair to take a look back at 2020: My Year in Books.

2020: My Year in Books

Here are all the books I read last year. For transparency, I’ve taken these images from my Goodreads page and added some little notes. Come add me if you’re a Goodreads user! (Unrelated but are we all moving to StoryGraph now too? I need guidance.)

It’s funny looking back because you forget some of the books you read and they’re also little markers of the year. For example, I bought The Paris Wife whilst on holiday in Chicago before the madness of 2020 really kicked in. Then The Dud Avocado was what I was reading when I first starting thinking about creating Behind Her Books. It’s a little time capsule for the infamous year of 2020!

As you may already know, in my 2021 Reading Goals I talked about not setting myself a numeric goal for reading this year. It will be interesting to look back next year to see if that made any difference in my reading habits. Maybe I’ll read more or a whole lot less! We will see.

Now I’ve looked back, it’s officially time to say goodbye to 2020. I can’t say I will miss you but I did perfect my banana bread so you win some, you lose some.

Speak to you soon,


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